Kingston Junior Ice Hockey Club.

Thank you for considering sponsoring Kingston upon Hull Junior Ice hockey Club.

Our club is part of the English Ice Hockey Association (EIHA).

We have mixed teams of boys and girls split into age groups of Under 9s, Under 11s, Under 13s, Under 15s, Under 18s, Under 20s and Jets.

We have players from all around the county of East Yorkshire (and a few from neighbouring counties) and we play in the Northern English Ice hockey league, which means we host games with and attend away games at; Deeside, Whitley Bay, Bradford, Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham, Wigan, Billingham, Coventry, Solihull and Telford.

Why Sponsor Kingston Junior Ice hockey Club?

Sponsorship of a sporting team, particularly for junior members, shows that your organisation supports the health, fitness and wellbeing of young people in our community.

Many companies support the more “traditional” sports, such as football and rugby, where their company logo will be seen perhaps once a week (or less) when there is a match on. When you sponsor Kingston Junior Ice Hockey Club, your logo instantly becomes part of our marketing presence not just for games, but also within The Hull Arena. In addition to the supporters and players that attend for league and cup matches your company name will be visible for all to see during public ice skating sessions which see traffic of thousands of people a year. The profile of people that come to ice skate or watch Ice Hockey ranges from the very young to the very old, from all types of financial background and with a broad range of interests. From birthday parties to just a general day/night out, the ice rink attracts both regular visitors and one-off passing trade, ensuring a wide and diverse mix of potential clients for your brand.

Because Ice Hockey is a financially demanding sport, sponsorship is essential to ensure the sustainability and viability of the club – unlike other sports where sponsorship is often a “nice thing to have” rather than a fundamental survival necessity. In summary, our club really needs you.

Ice Hockey is the fastest team sport in the world, and is growing in popularity in the UK. We hope that your company would like to be part of this exciting time for the sport and benefit from the exposure that you gain by being associated with us.

Why do we need sponsorship?

Ice hockey is an expensive sport. It can only be played in commercial rinks and a large amount of mandatory equipment is required for every player even for training sessions.

The costs associated with playing ice hockey for the club are; Private hire of the ice rink for "ice time" for team practice sessions and matches Payment to the "on ice game officials" (referees) during matches Insurance and general administration costs Payment of mandatory training courses for club coaches Purchase of training equipment (e.g. cones, practice pucks, obstacles) Payment of registration costs for "off ice game officials" (e.g. DBS checks)

The costs associated with playing ice hockey for the Players are; Annual registration cost with the English Ice Hockey Association Monthly club fees (£70.00) Equipment : £100 Helmet £30 Sweat suit £20 Neck guard £80 Shoulder Pads £30 Elbow Pads £80 Gloves £25 protective Jock £100 Hockey Shorts £20 Hockey Socks £50 Shin guards £8 Hockey bottle £100 Hockey stick £60 Kit bag £200 ice Skates £60 Team shirts.

This comes to a grand total of £963 for mid range kit. Costs can easily approach £2000 when better quality equipment is purchased. And, as children grow or the items wear out, this all needs to be replaced!

The children who choose to play Ice hockey show a great commitment and train hard! Twice a week all year

How will your money be spent?

Your generous sponsorship will enable us to; Spend more money on production of promotional material and advertising in order to recruit more players Subsidise costs for items such as player team shirts to keep the costs for parents/guardians to a minimum(with our aim to make such items free) Purchase equipment which we can lend/hire to players wishing to try the sport

Please be assured that all of our managers and committee members are unpaid volunteers. Any money that comes into the club will, 100%, go directly in to supporting the club. All expenses incurred by the “staff” are paid out of their own pockets.

How much should you invest?

In order that we reward sponsors appropriately based on their level of sponsorship, we have three tiers of sponsorship available. We do of course appreciate any sponsorship that we receive and ensure that all sponsors receive a return on their investment to the greatest level we can achieve. Sponsorship is renewable on a 12 monthly basis, not "per season", to ensure that sponsors can join at any time.

Contact Anna Forbes - Treasurer@KingstonSharks.co.uk

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